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Why do some have a mission to piss on those who nurture and love them?

August 15, 2011

This post was first drafted on June 14, 2011. Seems I forgot to publish it. But it is waking up today because it is an essential part of the backstory to today’s story.

Today, on Aug 15, 2011 I opened my blog to record a life lesson that Dene Hager, a former student and new influence on my current burning question (in this sixtieth year of personal evolution):  What do I want to be when I grow up? (Dene has blessed me with one of my deepest felt-needs and I must must must language it here on Kitty’s Kitty Blog: Picturing Cats and Languaging Life  —  but I see that journal wants to wait a few days.

This old draft  is revealing not only in what it says about my state of being in June, but in what has happened since then. Namely, the revelations that are, to me, a JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME.

Our beloved orange cat Ralph has developed an inexplicable need to piss on the clothes, computer, cables, and desk of his beloved human, Kevin. But it is passive aggressive because when Ralph is around Kevin, he snuggles up as usual. Yet Kevin’s office carpet was so destroyed that after every possible salvage attempt was made, we had to give in and tear out the carpet and pad.

Why would anyone choose to hurt the ones who feed and support and spend money and labor on their behalf? It is a grief that this adored being in our home is pushing us as far as this. Two vet visits later, kitty prozac aside, and with broken hearts, I feel disconsolate.

But the bigger grief in my life right now is an analogous tragedy happening to humans whose lives will be forever damaged by incidents and decisions of that which can only be called injustice. Perpetrated by those who should have supported them.

What do you do when you have no control over a pissing contest that you can’t win?