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Metronatural: Discussion about the appearance but not substance of environmental lifestyles

March 20, 2008


Look at the picture of the underwear ad, and ask yourself how wearing fashionable panties prepares you for recreational activities, the hearty outdoors (notice the ice and mountain climbing background in the ad), or an active lifestyle. Seattle’s slogan “Metronatural” is believed to capture the spirit of the Northwest, big city and eco-friendly–urban lifestyle and rugged nature–all in one place. But what exactly is Seattle selling?

I am asking for comments and conversation regarding a conference presentation that I’m giving with two colleagues at the Rhetoric Society of America. We are questioning “The Rhetoric of Seattle,” or, in other words, we’re highlighting both the good and the shortcomings of the cultural way of thinking that makes sense in the Pacific Northwest. Please read our proposal below (click on the link) and add your two cents’ worth. I am hoping to instigate a lively blog discussion here, to stimulate my thinking and provide ideas for audience participation at the conference. So please read, comment, read comments, comment on comments, etc. Thanks!